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Anang Yahmadi, M.Eng.Sc.

Anang Yahmadi was born in Mojokerto at 11 May 1968 and received undergraduate of Water Resources Engineering in Brawijaya University, Malang in 1992. He got the Master of Engineering Science on Energy Studies from The University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in 2004. He has been an employee of PT PLN (Persero), the state owned utilities company, since 1994.  His experience started with as a Hydraulic Engineer and Hydrologist of Hydropower Plant Projects, Support Engineer for Thermal Power Plant Projects, continued with as an Officer for planning and procurement for Gas and Geothermal steam.

He has been assigned as Senior Manager for Geothermal in 2011, General Manager for Power Plant Project in 2014, Head of Project Management Office Division in 2017. Since 2019, he was the Executive Vice President of Strategic Procurement Division, which is responsible for supporting the BoD for investment decision dealing with technical and financial feasibility, strategic procurement, technology choice and local content policy and also vendor management. He was the member of Executive Committee for Indonesian Commission on Large Dam and also th  e member of Dams Safety Committee.